Our hotels and motels

See more about our wonderful hotels, Hotel Skivehus and Hotel Strandtangen, as well as our Motel Skive, and book your stay today.

Hotel Skivehus

In the heart of Skive, you will find Hotel Skivehus

Motel Skive

Stay close to sports, cultural and leisure activities, in a modern motel

Hotel Strandtangen

View over Skive Harbour
. . . probably one of the best hotels in Scandinavia

Meetings and conferences

Do you need a location for your next meeting?

We have conference and meeting rooms for every purpose.
At our hotels. At Hotel Skivehus you get a location in the middle of the city, with easy access to most things in Skive. You can also choose the quieter surroundings of the fjord, at the wonderful Hotel Strandtangen. Read more about individual hotels below.

Eating places

You can also find several places to eat with culinary experiences in and around Skive, and depending on your wishes for price and experience, you can see more by clicking below.

Parties and friendly meetings

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Experiences and sights

Visit the local area in Skive or very close by, or take a day trip with experiences a little further afield.

There are plenty of attractions within a short distance of all our hotels and motels. We have several good suggestions for how you can plan your trip to Skive. Click below and read more